Betty Inc.

Creative • Concept • Branding • Design.

Contact: 203-613-1279

Al Pascarelli // Creative Director-Principle Concept-er. Writer. Designer. Coffee Drinker. Music player. Beard grower. Flannel wearer. Basically a bunch of things with "er" at the end.

Justin Pascarelli // Partner and VP of Sales 

Client services. Creative-client go between. New business.

New Balance: Urban Dash

Honest Tea: Nature Got It Right.

E*TRade: Type E

Scarsdale Ford: TV

Art Prints

Mountain Dew: Keep Moving

Pepsi Max: Don't Waste Taste

Pall Mall: Truisms

Al Chipino: Print

Lego: The Fort

Newcastle: Scotch Ale

Lipton Sparkling: Really Bubbly

Twenty Four: Wealth Management

Sono: South Norwalk